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REVIEW: The Lego Movie

REVIEW: The Lego Movie

First the kids chimed in on it and said "It teaches a kid life lessons
but in a more Lego World's way, it's funny in an odd way, and it
proves anyone can be special and become a "master builder."

This has been one of the most eagerly anticipated animated flicks of the year.  If
you went to Legoland or a Lego store you'd see all the amazing things
that can be built, but with this, you can actually see Legos come to
life and move and have personalities. It's unique because everything and I mean everything is done with animated Lego's.  I'm talking right down to the smoke coming out of the train to explosions.

The kid's all gave it 5 stars and were laughing quite a bit.  But I say 2 and a half due to weak script and, on the print I saw, a dingy quality to the picture and the
3D.  But that reason may lie in the fact that it's the first time a flick has animated little plastic pieces. So, they must still be working the bugs out of the system.

2.5 stars (from a adult's point of view)


5  stars  (from the kid's point of view)


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